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Aug. 28th, 2012

san x, piggy girl


I don't do these much anymore --but two from my sisters blog
Neskaya.Net Quiz: Hello Kitty Zodiac

What's Your Hello Kitty Zodiac?

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What Type of Rose Are You

Neskaya Quizzes: The Rose Quiz

I got yellow and gemini--of course. They didn't come out correctly :(

Jun. 14th, 2012

san x, piggy girl



May. 22nd, 2012

san x, piggy girl

(no subject)

Ideas for mom and Is new hair cuts

Feb. 18th, 2012

san x, piggy girl

canmake things

canmake stuff I want to try--I found cute mint and yellow like my loli dress too

Jan. 2nd, 2012

san x, piggy girl

prisila wigs
these are cute
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Dec. 18th, 2011

san x, piggy girl

Writer's Block: White air

Is it snowing where you are right now?

Nov. 4th, 2011

san x, piggy girl

christmas funnies

hmm  a joke list..and things Im looking at for others..
This and another hoody are cute. I would want to get mikey one of the mugs or accessories. He loves it more than I do.
He is so jerseylicious

omg any of the tees from the big bang lol!


Oct. 22nd, 2011

san x, piggy girl

christmas list.

I'm going to start making a list for what I might like for christmas. There is  a ton I'd probably like...and I don't know that I will remember it all..but this list I guess can help with some ideas. I might make a top 20 list later...and add to this one as well.

General things like a haircut would be nice. Also gift cards to fabric stores would be beneficial too. (like joannes) I like to shop at maurices,victoria secret,lane bryant (for bras),claires,torrid, alloy,delias, bebe, jc pennys, macys, sephora, bath and body works ,lush,wet seal, forever 21, cat walk, target. I like many others too and love to look at clothes  I also like to shop at the daiso. Also art supplies are cool too. I like lolita things, so a skirt and petty coat or shoes would be cool. I also want  an usakumya. Also the kuma kanzashi from BTSB(if it is still there). There are many games out, sims 3 pets, zelda..but I expect others to get those and I can borrow them. Circle lenses would be cool. I need certain brands for specific vendors though because of my precsription. (becuase of the toric lense for my left eye it is a bit more expensive) I found a basic black ring that I think would look good. I am looking to colors to, but besides blue, pink,red and maybe bright yellow (for costume) I'm not sure if I'd get the other colors. They are to find in my fit and the price makes it less fun to play around with. :(

I also would like some bubble tea flavors and bubbles :) Or italian soda flavors and water, or chai tea, chai tea latte,latte whip, horchata and that muffin drink mix from teavana.

Deco stuff

I might want a heated eye lash curler.

My beauty diary masks: Specifically the macaroon and tea time set. There are few different sets with these now. I've also been interested in there strawberry,yogurt and apple masks for a while. I love facial masks in general though so any facial mask is a good idea!

Jill stuarts jelly eye pots are so pretty!
I like  10 and 13,1-3, most for every day. I love them all though..4,5..they are all cute.

Holika Holika Strawberry mousse bb cream line interests me a bunch. Ebay seems to have this and pretty and has gotten some of it.

I am also interested in Candydolls base,concealer and I think the powder foundation.
Candy doll mineral powder.
Candy doll blushes are cute too!
Candy doll lip concealer--I've wanted to try for a while too.
Her gloses in candy pink,strawberry milk, and macaroon pink . Though any of her glosses, like the peach,milk beige,and orange ones would be cute.
Dolly wink lashes in No.2 an no. 4 I don't have yet and would like to try. I would like any of them though. I would also like to try her pencil liner, and another liquid liner would be good as well. This stuff may be at uwaji--I need to see :)
I would like to try these
Also jill stuarts foundations in linen.
I like a few of her blushes too.

Pa lashes also sell at uwaji and I would like to try them.

Etude house bubble
This seems like skin 79 product I use I would like to try it.
pore soda

Liz lisa eye lashes

Jewerich eye lashes.

kiss ez lashes
The string sounds interesting. They also have so dolly ones.
I like lashes, and would try a bunch. They are a few other gyaru brands too.

kiss nails-- I want to try these at home kits, they would be cheaper than the salon. Sticks on would be good too.

cute mouton type shoes---this site has alot of cute shoes

Palty foam dye--custard beige. If you know a good place to buy this tell me. Many online stores still don't have it. I need to check the uwajis again. I might also want a brow color to go with this.

I have wanted this hoody for a while--I am surprised it still there!

This type of shoe is one of my favorites. I have been also
looking for an over the knee boot I like, that also fits. Torrid and DSW has some.*CUSTOMER+FAVORITE*+Amanda+Thigh-High+Boots+Wide+Width-533749.jsp


skinfood masks

etude house nymph glow



bath stuff

It is a moisturizer and mask I have wante to try for a while. They smell and feel great. I got the l;occitane set in stead. I think I will mix this in next with the apple stuff from l'occitane.

eye mazing


facial whip--I had this before but it broke. It is actually nice

diamond lash

too faced



I want to try the nono

A gift card to a  hair salon and spa would be cool
There are some things for at home that would be cool though too.
Like this thing I saw at fred meyer that moves water like a jet in your tub.
Massagers are good too

A laptop of my own would be nice too. Though I know that is expensive.
 General likes:
I like things that are beige,sugar rose,oatmeal and grey colors. I also like pastel and pop colors. Black and white and blue are great too. I like accents of red-there are alot of good red pieces this season. Same with purple and blue.
Vs clothes  *** blue

Aug. 24th, 2011

san x, piggy girl

more hair and stuff..


May. 4th, 2011

san x, piggy girl

Prettia hair dye

this wayCollapse )

I will try this in may--but I think I will do paltys foam ichigo jam next in june or july--maybe uwaji will have it by then.
It is good to test out different dyes though right? This is a cute color too!

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